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TPC Benchmark Status
December 2000

TPC Benchmark Status is published about every two months. The first and primary purpose of the newsletter is to keep interested parties informed about the content, issues, and schedule of the TPC's benchmark development efforts. The second purpose is to invite new members to join these important development efforts. We've already outlined most of the reasons for joining the TPC in another article, Why Join. To receive the status report by email, please click here.

Last Meeting
TPC held a General Council meeting December 6, 2000 in Orange County, California.

TPC-C Maintenance Subcommittee
The General Council unanimously approved TPC-C Version 5.0 to proceed to mail ballot. The ballots are targeted to be sent out on 12/15/00 to the primary representative of each member.

TPC-C V5 represents pricing and runtime/reporting changes from V3. The pricing changes are:
- 3 years maintenance
- 7 days x 24 hour maintenance
- Removal of terminal network pricing (hub, switches, etc.)
- Allow pricing quotes from web pages or print materials

Runtime/reporting changes are:
- 60 day disk space requirement
- 2 hour measurement interval
- Reporting checkpoint durations
- Log and report number of lost connections of users during the
measurement interval.

Vendors will be allowed to upgrade their V3 results to V5 provided they adhere to the upgrade requirements. The proposed schedule for V5 adoption is:

12/15/00 Begin mail ballot
* 2/13/01 Last day for mail ballots / specification approved
* 2/14/01 Begin upgrades of V3 results
* 2/14/01 Submit new V5 results
4/20/01 Last day to submit V3 results
10/20/01 All V3 results withdrawn

* Date subject to change depending on when 2/3 approving votes are received (Clause 6.6 of Bylaws of the TPC).

TPC R/H Maintenance Subcommittee
There was no R/H business conducted at the August meeting.

TPC-DS Working Group
The TPC-DS working group met with the TPC Steering Committee to present the progress it made for the last year in the area of Decision Support. The Steering Committee supports the group's work on TPC-DS and the group's attainment of development subcommittee status. However, to attain development subcommittee status the working group needs to extend the current TPC-DS specification to include wording for execution rules, metric and workload.

Positively, the working group is experiencing a great increase in membership contributions. As preparation for this meeting members contributed presentations to explore the areas of execution rules, metrics, scaling rules and workload generators. Consequently, the working group accomplished significant progress resulting in direction papers for these areas.

As future steps, the group will implement a prototype for the workload generator and craft the direction papers into wordings for TPC-DS rough draft version 2.3.

TPC-W Maintenance Subcommittee
There were 13 voting member companies present. Once again, there were several interpretation issues that were addressed, several of which resulted in wording clarification to the specification, or minor specification changes. The most heavily discussed topic centered around what optimizations were intended to be allowed regarding the externalization of the cacheable interactions with 30 second cache consistency requirements. These are the "Best Sellers", "New Products", and "Subject Search" queries. Each of these interactions returns a result set for 1 of 24 given subjects. Optimizations that take advantage of the similarities of the Best Seller (and New Products, and Search Results by Subject) processing steps, for the 24 subjects, are taking advantage of the limited nature of the benchmark, and are disallowed. A clarification to this effect was added to the benchmark specification.

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