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TPC Benchmark Status
July 2001

TPC Benchmark Status is published about every two months. The first and primary purpose of the newsletter is to keep interested parties informed about the content, issues, and schedule of the TPC's benchmark development efforts. The second purpose is to invite new members to join these important development efforts. We've already outlined most of the reasons for joining the TPC in another article, Why Join. To receive the status report by email, please click here.

The TPC held a General Council meeting June 21 and 22, 2001 in Budapest, Hungary. The main focus of the work was on setting the framework for new standards, such as the new OLTP benchmark, and refining existing benchmarks. Several of the current benchmarks, namely TPC-C and TPC-H/R, are complete and mature, needing only periodic summary reviews to maintain them.

The TPC-C Maintenance Subcommittee met in June but did not have any new business to conduct. The TPC-C Benchmark is functionally mature and no new work or changes to the Specification are planned at this time.

OLTP Working Group

The General Council voted to formally create the TPC-OLTP Work Group. The Work Group's objective is to develop the requirements for a new OLTP benchmark and to produce an RFP for its implementation. The Work Group is expected to conclude its activities by the December 2001 meeting.

The proposed schedule is as follows
Aug 01 final requirements, draft RFP, external release of requirements, selection criteria
Oct 01 final draft RFP, presentation to GC, legal review of RFP
Dec 01 GC approval, RFP released
Apr 02 review of RFP responses, selection process

Companies interested in joining the TPC to participate in the OLTP Working Group should contact the TPC Administrator at

The TPC-H/R Maintenance Subcommittee met in June but did not have any new business to conduct.


The TPC-DS Working Group continued its work on its new decision support benchmark. At the June meeting, the subcommittee concentrated on data maintenance aspects (dimension handling, source schema, mapping source schema to target schema, update scaling, data generation), and began discussion on query as well as identification of the next steps (transformations, click stream analysis, metric analysis, ACID tests, tool definition).


The TPC-W Subcommittee made minor corrections to the specification, primarily related to proper paragraph references. The Subcommittee focused most of its time on putting together an approach for communicating the features and benefits of the TPC-W benchmark.

Public Relations Committee

The PR committee drafted a Privacy Policy which was approved by the General Council. The policy's intent is to protect private information collected from the general public on the web site.


Following is the full text of the Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is important to the TPC. We follow the industry practices to let you know how our privacy policy answers the following questions:
1. What information does the TPC gather/track and how is it used?
2. With whom does the TPC share the information it gathers/tracks?
3. What is the TPC's unsubscribe and data-removal policy?
4. How can I correct and update my personal information?
5. What is the TPC's policy on deleting or deactivating my name from its database?
6. Whom can I ask if I have any additional questions?

In general, you can visit the TPC on the Web without telling us who you are and without revealing any information about yourself. There are times, however, when we may need information from you. We do not collect personal information about you unless you voluntarily provide it to us. We collect, process and use personal information only for providing relevant services to you. That information will be gathered when you come onto our site to: provide feedback in an online survey; and/or request certain reports.

The personal information that may be gathered includes your name, fax, telephone number, street address and e-mail address. You may also be asked for further information about yourself such as your job category, your industry type, your company name and job title, and the number of people in your company.

We will use our best efforts not to transfer information that personally identifies you to anyone else without your knowledge and approval at the time it is collected from you. Please note, however, that in addition to sending you periodic status reports we may contact you about matters that affect your use of our site such as the status of your subscription to our reports.
Upon your request, we will assist you to review, delete, correct, or update your personal information that you have previously provided. If at any time you believe that we have not adhered to our policy with respect to protecting your privacy, or if you have questions regarding the collecting and/or use of your personal information or regarding our privacy policy, please contact us. We will use all commercially reasonable efforts to promptly address your concern. You may contact us by e-mail at

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