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TPC Benchmark Status
November 2001

The TPC held a General Council meeting October 11, 2001 in Westford, Massachussetts. The main focus of the work was on setting the framework for new standards, such as the working going on with TPC-OLTP, and refining existing benchmarks. Several of the current benchmarks, namely TPC-C and TPC-H/R, are complete and mature, needing only periodic summary reviews to maintain them.

On October 20, 2001 all TPC-C V3 results were archived and removed from the web site. Only results from the current version V5 are currently displayed. A historical file with old and current results is in preparation.

TPC-OLTP Working Group

The TPC-OLTP Working Group continued its work on the requirements for a Request for Proposals (RFP) that will form the basis for the TPC to solicit proposals for a new OLTP workload. The draft is in its final form and has been circulated to the membership.

The updated schedule is as follows
Oct 01 Final draft RFP, presentation to the General Council (GC), legal review of RFP
Dec 01 GC final approval, RFP released
Apr 02 Begin review of RFP responses, selection process
Jun 1, 2002 Last day to submit RFP

Companies interested in joining the TPC to participate in the OLTP Working Group should contact the TPC Administrator at


The subcommittee focused during this meeting on refining the Data Maintenance part of TPC-DS. The data maintenance part of TPC-DS will contain loading of operational data from a source schema, transforming of this data into star schema format using SQL and loading it into the data warehouse (star schema). Significant progress was made in defining the source schema as well as the SQL mapping between the source and the target schemas and in defining how slowly changing dimensions are updated in the data warehouse.

The TPC-DS subcommittee also started a discussion on how to organize the query submission and approval process.


The TPC-W Subcommittee made clarifications and minor modifications to the specification relating to web page assembly, web cache statistics, and additional Full Disclosure Report information. These changes are reflected in Version 1.7.

The Subcommittee also completed a technical overview white paper to highlight the features and benefits of the TPC-W benchmark. An executive overview is also available on the TPC web site.

The TPC-W Subcommittee will be looking next at database loader verification scripts and allowance of vertical partitioning. A questionnaire was circulated to the TPC members to gather feedback on where to go with versions 1 and 2 of the benchmark. The results will be analyzed and disseminated at the next meeting.

Public Relations Committee

Recent web site changes include the removal of TPC-C version 3 results, an updated sign-up page to receive information about the TPC, and pricing information. The text of the pricing information is also below:

Hardware, software, and maintenance pricing:

Did you know that there are computer hardware, software and maintenance prices on the TPC web site? These pricing figures appear both in the Executive Summary and in the Full Disclosure Report of each individual result (1). These reports list vendor part numbers, prices, and discounts available to the general public. These prices can be used as part of your negotiations with the hardware or software supplier during the purchasing process.

If you find that a supplier is not honoring the figures shown in the reports please contact the TPC at

(1) To find an Executive Summary or a Full Disclosure Report, click inside the System column of the desired result in the summary table. This will lead you to a Result Highlight page where you will find links to the Executive Summary and Full Disclosure Report at the bottom.

The Public Relations Committee also responded to press articles and inquiries regarding the TPC in light of product announcements from some of the member companies.


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