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TPC Benchmark Status
January 2002

The TPC held a General Council meeting December 5, 2001 in Austin, Texas.  The work focused  on setting the framework for proposed standards, such as the TPC-OLTP Working Group, and refining existing benchmarks.  Several of the current benchmarks, namely TPC-C and TPC-H/R, are complete and mature, needing only periodic summary reviews to maintain them.


TPC-OLTP Working Group

The TPC-OLTP Working Group completed its stated mission and put the finishing touches on the OLTP benchmark Proposal Development Guidelines (PDG).  The TPC is now accepting proposals for the OLTP benchmark.  Companies interested in submitting proposals should review the guidelines and contact the TPC Administrator at

The schedule is as follows.
June 1, 2002

All benchmark proposals are due

June - October 2002

Review of proposals

October 2002 Recommendation made to the General Council



Between the October and December meetings the TPC-DS subcommittee worked on formulating data transformations for the data maintenance phase of TPC-DS.  The group finalized a customer transformation which led to changes in TPC-DS draft 5.

At the Austin meeting the group worked on the customer transformation and the resulting changes to TPC-DS.  The latest version of the TPC-DS specification is now draft 6.  Furthermore, the subcommittee worked on defining eight data distributions.  These include single column distributions and multiple correlated columns of one table.  These data distributions will be integrated in the existing dbgen.  The subcommittee has asked all member companies to submit five business queries for the next face to face meeting.  To ensure an orderly submission the subcommittee defined business query submission guidelines.

Goals for the next couple of months are to finalize the data distributions and the data transformations.



The TPC-W subcommittee made clarifications and minor modifications to the specification relating to the availability date.  The current version of the specification is 1.7.

The subcommittee also completed a preliminary review of a questionnaire focusing on V2.  The benchmark and questionnaire were presented at the CMG conference and the Microsoft.NET conference.  The questionnaire will be available to the public on the TPC site in the near future.

Generally accepted V2 changes and goals are becoming clear such as reducing the total cost of benchmarking by reducing network traffic, reducing image size and distribution, and having consistent DB load vs run time characteristics of population.  More work will be done to determine the correct initial customer population and to gather information from production environments and customers.

The TPC-W subcommittee will be looking next at table growth and cardinality statistics as well as incorporating feedback on eBusiness components.


Public Relations Committee

Planned updates to the TPC website include the expanded availability of withdrawn results, use of watermarks to clearly identify full disclosure reports for withdrawn results, display of TPC-H results as cluster/non-cluster, and a search engine capability.

The TPC is extending an invitation for prospective associate members to attend a face-to-face meeting.  Academic and government institutions interested in finding out more about the TPC are invited to join us at our bimonthly meetings, where most of the discussions on current and future evolutions of the benchmarks take place.  The next meeting is in February in Honolulu, Hawaii.  For details please contact


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