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TPC Benchmark Status
March 2002

The TPC held a General Council meeting February 20 in Honolulu, HI. The Committee chairs were elected as well as the members of selected Committees. The main focus of the work was on refining existing benchmarks and laying the foundation for new benchmarks. On the OLTP front, clarifications were recommended for TPC-C and proposals are being accepted for a new OLTP benchmark. With respect to decision support, several proposals were reviewed to improve TPC-H, while work continues on the classification schemas and data maintenance of a new DS benchmark. As for the transactional web e-Commerce benchmark, version 1.8 of the TPC-W has been completed as development continues on version 2.0.

At the meeting, changes to the TPC-C specification were recommended to clarify durability tests and checkpoint intervals. The TPC-C Subcommittee will refine the recommendations and will also draft a section detailing Executive Summary requirements similar to those provided in TPC-H and W.

The TPC is continuing to accept proposals for a new OLTP benchmark. Those interested in submitting proposals should review the guidelines and contact the TPC Administrator at

The schedule is as follows
June 1, 2002

All benchmark proposals are due

June - October 2002

Review of proposals

October 2002 Recommendation made to the General Council

TPC-H, R and DS

The TPC H/R subcommittee discussed proposals to address configuration rules in the TPC-H specification and normalizing maintenance pricing to bring them in line with the other benchmarks. The proposals are still under review.

The TPC-DS development subcommittee received 20 business questions from member companies out of a target total of 50. The subcommittee developed fact table transformations for the data maintenance portion. There are only a few transformations missing until the data maintenance section is complete.

A white paper, "TPC-DS, Taking Decision Support Benchmarking to the Next Level ", was presented at SIGMOD 2002 discussing the ideas behind TPC-DS including the execution model, template queries, and data maintenance model.



The TPC-W Subcommittee made clarifications to the specification relating to an unused search button and backdating availability date. Minor changes included modified substitution rules to allow reasonable substitutions for CPUs, disks and software patches. The effective version is now 1.8.

The subcommittee also continued its work on Version 2. Discussions centered around reducing the cost of the benchmark by reducing network traffic and initial load size. Additional proposals (tying item table scale to customer table scale, random input strings for search results, enhancing messages, personalization) were also studied.

Finally, an online questionnaire has been developed and will be posted on the web site in the near future.


Public Relations Committee

Recent web site updates include the addition of historical TPC-C V3 results. Interest in the TPC is high: for the year 2001, the TPC web site has received over one million visits from 204,000 unique visitors. In addition, the chair of the TPC was interviewed for an upcoming article on benchmarking in Information Age.


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