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TPC Benchmark Status
May 2002

The TPC held a General Council meeting April 25 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The main focus of the work was on refining existing benchmarks and laying the foundation for new benchmarks. On the OLTP front, clarifications were recommended for TPC-C and proposals
are continuing to be accepted for a new OLTP benchmark. With respect to decision support, several revisions were made to TPC-H to bring it to rev 1.4.0, while work continues on the new DS benchmark. As for the transactional web e-Commerce benchmark, the focus was on advancing version 2.0, in addition to clearing up some of the ambiguous areas from version 1.


The TPC-C subcommittee identified areas where the specification needed clean-up and clarification: sample SQL for delivery, consistency test 11, cluster durability tests, design of Executive Summary, and the checkpoint interval. The changes will be incorporated into a third level revision at a future meeting.

The TPC has extended the deadline for submitting proposals for the new OLTP benchmark to August 1, 2002. Those interested in submitting proposals should review the guidelines and contact the TPC Administrator at

The schedule is as follows:

August 1, 2002

All benchmark proposals are due

August - October 2002

Review of proposals

October 2002 Recommendation made to the General Council

TPC-H, R and DS

The TPC-H subcommittee proposed changes to the TPC-H 1.3.0 specification that were ratified during the General Council meeting and resulted in the minor TPC-H specification revision 1.4.0. All new results will be comparable to existing results. The new revision will take effect on June 25 2002. Until then benchmark sponsors may publish TPC-H benchmarks under revision 1.3.0 or 1.4.0. After June 24 2002 TPC-H benchmarks must be published under revision 1.4.0.

The changes in 1.4.0 covers the following clauses:

The restriction to define either all or none of the listed primary key has been waived. One can now create any subset of the primary keys listed in
* 1.5.4
The reference to the list of allowed primary keys has been corrected to refer to
* 1.5.7
Formatting change
* 5.3.4
The table defining the obligatory number of streams has been corrected.

The TPC-DS development subcommittee continued its work on the TPC-DS specification. Topics that were covered at this meeting were:

* SQL standard to be used in queries
* business questions
* execution rules



The TPC-W Subcommittee focused primarily on Version 2 development issues. There were four company presentations dealing with the functionality of their eCommerce application tier. IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, Microsoft Commerce Server, and Oracle iStore were all discussed and reviewed. The subcommittee identified several common features from these presentations: session management, personalization, failover, and B2B processing capabilities. The subcommittee is reviewing these features in more detail to see how they could be included in TPC-W Version 2. The subcommittee plans to begin the review phase for these V2 proposals in June, and begin the integration of the proposed requirements into the draft specification in August.

Additionally, the subcommittee addressed some ambiguous areas of the Version 1 specification. These included a clarification to the caching consistency requirements as well as a new requirement to disclose details of the random number generators used during the benchmark measurements. These requirements will be included in the next revision of the specification to be released at a later date.

The TPC-W Subcommittee is gathering feedback from the industry regarding current and emerging eBusiness technologies, features, and components. This feedback provides valuable guidance about what is appropriate for inclusion in an industry standard eBusiness benchmark. The Subcommittee intends to use the feedback to develop or enhance TPC eBusiness benchmarks with a common set of vendor neutral features. Please take the opportunity to give us your feedback by filling out the TPC-W questionnaire.


Public Relations Committee

The web site has been updated with the addition of the TPC-H top 10 lists and with the separation of clustered and non-clustered systems. The TPC also released a media advisory highlighting the availability of pricing information on the web site.


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