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TPC Benchmark Status
April 2006


The TPC held a General Council meeting on March 2nd, in Houston, TX. The main focus of the work was on refining existing benchmarks and laying the foundation for new benchmarks. On the OLTP front, work continues on the latest draft of the TPC-E specification. Prototype data was reviewed and runtime workload characteristics were studied. With respect to decision support, the TPC-H subcommittee worked on a fix for dbgen and qgen for scale factors of 30,000 and 100,000. Development of the DS benchmark continues with closure on most of the open issues and a review of the prototype data.


Current Benchmarks


The TPC-C Maintenance Subcommittee did not convene at the February 2006 TPC meeting since there were no outstanding issues to discuss.

The subcommittee will continue to monitor any TAB interpretations and rulings for discussion and possible inclusion in future versions of the TPC-C specification.



During the review of the reference data set, defined for dbgen/qgen quality assurance purposes, software bugs within dbgen for large scale factors (30,000 and 100,000) were discovered.  The subcommittee is currently trying to resolve these software bugs.  The subcommittee concluded that these software bugs result in a non-compliant workload for scale factors 30,000 and 100,000. Hence, the General Council voted to suspend benchmark publications for 30,000 and 100,000 until April 23rd, the day after the next General Council meeting. There are currently no result publications for these scale factors.



The TPC-App subcommittee did not convene at this meeting.


New Benchmarks


Over the past two months, the TPC-E subcommittee has continued its efforts in the development of a new OLTP benchmark. Time has been spent reviewing prototype data and studying various runtime workload characteristics. Based on these studies, modifications to the workload have been made. In addition, a new draft of the specification has been approved.

Moving forward, the subcommittee will begin consolidating various prototyping efforts in order to converge on the final runtime workload characteristics.



The focus of this meeting was to review the specification and to resolve all open issues.  The subcommittee also reviewed prototype data from detailed sensitivity analysis.  All subcommittee members have committed to continue working on their 100G prototype setups and familiarize themselves with the workload, both queries and data maintenance.  The subcommittee also decided to solicit input from TPC auditors and academic institutions.


Other TPC Activities

Pricing Specification

The TPC approved the TPC Pricing Specification Version 1.0.1 in June 2005. Since that time, there has been one minor change to incorporate the language of a TAB interpretation and the Price Subcommittee recently took steps to better align the rules for orderability of hardware and software. We anticipate bringing forward a minor modification to the specification in the near future with these changes. We do not expect this modification to affect the comparability of existing results.

The use of the Pricing Specification is currently required for all active TPC benchmarks.


Public Relations Committee

The PR Committee continues its work on the campaign to promote the TPC and the TPC benchmarks to the industry. The prototype of a new customized information system for subscribers of TPC lists and reports continues its tests. The PR Committee is also implementing the new methodology for how CPUs are counted on the TPC web site (see the August 2005 BSR for further information).


All Benchmark Status Reports

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