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TPC Benchmark Status
December 2006


The TPC held a General Council meeting on October 26th in Nashville, TN. On the OLTP front, the TPC-E benchmark is in its final draft, and there are no open comments, the subcommittee having handled all the review comments. With respect to decision support, the TPC-H subcommittee released TPC-H Version 2.6.0 to address issues with the recovery log and omissions in the pricing section. Review of the DS benchmark also continues with working prototypes with scale factors ranging from 1 to 100 TB. Finally, the TPC-App subcommittee is working on accommodating virtualization into the TPC-App benchmark.


Current Benchmarks


The TPC-C Maintenance Subcommittee did not convene at this meeting. At this stage the benchmark is functionally stabilized and the subcommittee has no open action items at this time. The subcommittee will continue to monitor the benchmark, along with any TAB interpretations and rulings, for discussion and possible inclusion in future versions of the TPC-C specification.



The TPC-H subcommittee released minor revision 2.6.0 of the TPC-H specification, which corrects an oversight in the pricing section (Clause 7.2.3).  This clause had been erroneously omitted from the specification and is reintroduced in the new specification.  Revision 2.6.0 deletes the requirement to support at least 8 hours of recovery log (Clause following a TAB ruling on the same issue.  The sample executive summary has been revised to clearly state both the total number of system components and the number of system components per node.

The effective date of version 2.6.0 is January 1st, 2007.  Benchmark results can be published against Version 2.6.0 immediately.  It becomes mandatory on January 1st, 2007.



The TPC-App subcommittee did not convene at this meeting. The TPC-App subcommittee is continuing to work on definitions for virtualization to accommodate that technology into the benchmark.


New Benchmarks


Over the past two months, the TPC-E subcommittee has been in the process of doing a detailed review of the specification and addressing feedback to comments. During this time, and as a result of comments received, new drafts of the specification and the source code have been posted. And at this point, all feedback comments have been closed out by the subcommittee.



The TPC-DS subcommittee focused on prototyping the TPC-DS benchmark.  Seven companies have working prototypes with scale factors ranging from 1 to 100 TB.  Furthermore the subcommittee spent time on quality assuring the benchmark tools, dbgen and qgen and reviewing the specification.  In addition to assuring the quality of dbgen and gathering prototype data, the subcommittee will solicit input from auditors on the specification and conducting a sample audit.


Other TPC Activities

Pricing Specification

The Pricing committee does not have outstanding work items at this time.


Public Relations Committee

The TPC began conducting market research to understand the level to which decision makers use benchmarks in their purchasing decisions.

The TPC will be making presentations at a number of industry conferences over the next 12 months. We welcome opportunities to present the benefits and status of TPC benchmarks: if you are interested in inviting someone from the TPC for a presentation, please contact Michael Majdalany (majdalany @



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