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TPC Benchmark Status
September 2007


The TPC held a General Council meeting on June 14th, in Toronto, Ontario. On the OLTP front, the TPC-E Maintenance Subcommittee made editorial changes and clarifications to the TPC-E benchmark, resulting in Version 1.2.0. The TPC-C Maintenance Subcommittee completed work on Version 5.9 of the TPC-C Specification. With respect to decision support, the TPC-H subcommittee is working on a bug fix that was found in dbgen that affects scale factors larger than 10TB. The TPC-DS subcommittee has been working on addressing the comments on the TPC-DS benchmark.


Current Benchmarks


The TPC-C Maintenance Subcommittee completed work on Version 5.9 of the TPC-C Specification.  This version is effective as of August 13, 2007.  The changes in Version 5.9 are:

  • Modified wording in Clauses and to clarify component substitution rules for an initial FDR publication
  • Modified wording in Clauses 8.3.1 and 8.3.2 to clarify component substitution rules for a revision to an existing FDR

Results obtained with TPC-C Version 5.9 are comparable with those obtained with TPC-C Version 5.8.



For scale factors larger than 10TB a bug in dbgen’s parallel data generation functionality was discovered.  The data content of 6 columns in 3 tables is sensitive to the parallel option in dbgen (-C option).  Data is different, but statistically equivalent with different options of –C.  In order to pass Clause of TPC-H until a bug-fix is posted, TAB ruling 416 allows benchmarks to be published.  A bug for this problem has been filed.  The TPC-H subcommittee is exploring different options to assure that once a bug-fix is available it is sufficiently tested.



The TPC-App subcommittee did not convene at this meeting. The TPC-App subcommittee will continue to monitor the benchmark, along with any TAB interpretations and rulings, for discussion and possible inclusion in future versions of the specification.


New Benchmarks


The TPC-E Maintenance Subcommittee made editorial changes and clarifications to the specification, and developed bug fixes for EGen.

A new revision of the TPC-E benchmark (v1.2.0) with these changes was approved and is effective as of August 13, 2007. Version 1.1.0 and Version 1.2.0 results are comparable. Version 1.1.0 results do not need to be upgraded to Version 1.2.0 results.



The comment database for TPC-DS has been closed.  There are 135 comments filed by 12 members.  98 comments have been closed, 37 are open.  At this meeting the TPC-DS subcommittee focused on reviewing open comments and closed them if possible.  40 comments were closed.  Out of 37 open comments 6 are under review by the subcommittee, 24 are assigned to members and 7 have not been assigned yet.   In the next teleconferences the TPC-DS subcommittee will work on closing the remaining 37 open comments.


Other TPC Activities

Pricing Specification

The Pricing Maintenance Subcommittee is working to incorporate specification language from TAB interpretations related to product substitutions. This work is targeted for a future specification revision, to be combined with other minor revisions to the specification.

New requests for the Pricing Specification can be submitted at


Public Relations Committee

The TPC made a presentation at the Server Blade Summit and will be making presentations at a number of industry conferences over the next 12 months. We welcome opportunities to present the benefits and status of TPC benchmarks: if you are interested in inviting someone from the TPC for a presentation, please contact Michael Majdalany (majdalany @


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