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TPC Benchmark Status
July 2010


Published 4 times per year, the TPC Benchmark Status Report is a digest of the activities of the TPC and its technical subcommittees.

The TPC held a General Council meeting on June 25th in Salt Lake City, Utah. On the OLTP front, the TPC-E Maintenance Subcommittee resolved a bug in EGen and improved the Specification wording on Data Accessibility, resulting in version 1.12.0. With respect to decision support, the TPC-H Maintenance Subcommittee corrected the 30TB and 100TB dbgen problems and made enhancements to dbgen to disallow dangerous or malfunctioning options, resulting in version 2.12.0. The Energy Subcommittee updated the TPC-Energy specification to version 1.2.0 to further clarify some definitions and to change some audit verifications. Finally, the TPC approved the formation of the TPC-Virtualization Development Subcommittee to pursue the development of a TPC-Virtualization benchmark.


Current Benchmarks


The TPC-C Maintenance Subcommittee had no outstanding issues to discuss at the June 2010 meeting. The subcommittee will continue to monitor the benchmark, along with any TAB interpretations and rulings, for discussion and possible inclusion in future versions of the TPC-C specification.



The TPC-H Maintenance Subcommittee released revision 2.12.0 which corrects the 30TB and 100TB dbgen problems and disallows many dangerous or malfunctioning dbgen options and option combinations. The specification has been significnatly cleaned up with all clause references now being clickable for easy navigation. The new specification, tools, and reference data will be available in July 2010. TPC-H version 2.11.0 will become obsolete on October 31st 2010.



The TPC-E Maintenance Subcommittee has released a new revision of the TPC-E benchmark standard (v1.12.0) that resolves a bug in EGen related to the Market-Feed transaction, and improves the wording related to Data Accessibility. This revision of the standard was approved and is available immediately, and version 1.11.0 becomes obsolete at 11:59 PM PT on October 31, 2010. Prior results and version 1.12.0 results are comparable. Prior results do not need to be upgraded to version 1.12.0 results.


Benchmarks Under Development


The ETL benchmark committee continued work on data generation. Several member companies are working on test implementations of the benchmark transformations.

Companies interested in participating in the development of this benchmark are invited to join and encouraged to contact the TPC Administrator.


Other TPC Activities

TPC Technology Conference 2010

The TPC continues its progress on the second TPC Technology Conference on Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking (TPCTC 2010). Submission of abstracts is complete and the papers have been flowing in steadily. The TPC is encouraging industry experts and researchers to submit novel ideas and methodologies in performance evaluation, measurement and characterization for 2012 and beyond. Conference information is available at


TPC Virtualization Working Group

The TPC approved the formation of the TPC-Virtualization Development Committee to develop a virtualization specification.

Organizations that are interested in influencing the TPC-Virtualization benchmark are encouraged to become members.


TPC Energy

The TPC Energy subcommittee updated the TPC-Energy specification to version 1.2.0 which clarifies and adds definitions. It also changed some audit verifications.

The subcommittee also approved changes to the EMSC which enhances the reporting and provides addition information for the audit process. The TPC-Energy Specification 1.2.0 has been approved by the TPC membership and is now the current version of TPC-Energy Benchmark Specification. Version 1.1.1 may continue to be used for publications through September 15th, 2010.

Published TPC-Energy results are now available on all TPC-Benchmarks (TPC-C, TPC-H, and TPC-E). The TPC web-site has these results posted and the files are available for downloading.


Pricing Specification

Version 1.5.0 of the Pricing Specification is currently required for all TPC benchmarks. The Price Maintenance Committee has not identified any additional changes needed for future versions of the specification.

New requests for the Pricing Specification can be generated at


Public Relations Committee

The TPC issued a press release announcing the publication of the first TPC-Energy results and conducted analyst press briefing on the TPC-Energy resutls as well as the TPC-Virtualization efforts.

We welcome opportunities to present the benefits and status of TPC benchmarks: if you are interested in inviting someone from the TPC for a presentation, please contact Michael Majdalany (majdalany @



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