08/20/19 TPCTC: Panel 'Role of the TPC in the Cloud Age' at TPCTC with Feifei Li, President of Database Products Business Unit, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence; Alain Crolotte, Teradata; Jamie Reding, Microsoft and Peter Boncz, researcher at the CWI and professor at the University of Amsterdam
 08/06/19 The conference program for the 2019 TPCTC conference in Los Angeles on 8/28/2019 has been announced
 07/24/19 C. Mohan, Ph.D., IBM Fellow and Former IBM India Chief Scientist gives keynote at TPCTC 'State of Permissionless and Permissioned Blockchains Myths and Reality'
 05/07/19 In partnership with Aggegage, the TPC announces the launch of the Technology Performance Pulse portal
 02/10/19 TPC announces TPCTC 2019 in Los Angeles, CA

Recent Benchmark Activities
 5/17/2020 Ant_Financial publishes a new TPC-C result: 707,351,007 TpmC - 3.98 CNY/TpmC - available: 6/8/2020  4/16/2020 Alibaba publishes a new TPC-DS result: 11,569,838 QphDS@10,000GB - .24 CNY/QphDS@10,000GB - available: 4/17/2020  3/28/2020 TTA publishes a new TPCx-IoT result 2,199,053 IoTps - .20 USD/IoTps -  available: 3/30/2020  2/7/2020 HPE publishes a new TPC-H result: 1,057,103 QphH@3,000GB - .48 USD/QphH@3,000GB - available: 4/6/2020  12/14/2019 Cisco publishes a new TPCx-HS result: 15.60 HSph@1TB - 65,021.16 USD/HSph@1TB - available: 12/13/2019