TPCx-HS - Version 2

Note: TPCx-HS Version 1 and TPCx-HS Version 2 are NOT comparable

TPCx-HS is a Big Data System Benchmark

The Hadoop ecosystem is moving fast beyond batch processing with MapReduce. Introduced in 2016 TPCx-HS V2 is based on TPCx-HS V1 with support for Apache Spark - a popular platform for in-memory data processing that enables real-time analytics on Apache Hadoop. TPCx-HS V2 also supports MapReduce (MR2) and supports publications on traditional on premise deployments and clouds. More information about TPCx-HS v1 can be found at The TPCx-HS v2 benchmark can be used to assess a broad range of system topologies and implementation methodologies in a technically rigorous and directly comparable, in a vendor-neutral manner.

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