TPCx-IoT is the first IoT benchmark specifically designed to measure the performance of IoT Gateway Systems. It enables direct comparison of different software and hardware solutions. Using the operational model of a typical electric utility provider with thousands of power substations, TPCx-IoT provides verifiable performance, price-performance and availability metrics for commercially available systems that typically ingest massive amounts of data from large numbers of devices, while running real-time analytic queries. Its flexible design allows TPCx-IoT to be used to assess a broad range of system topologies and implementation methodologies in a technically rigorous and directly comparable manner. TPCx-IoT defines three primary metrics:
  1. Performance Metric: IoTps = SF/T: The performance metric represents the effective throughput capability of the gateway, where SF is the Scale Factor (amount of data ingested) and T is the ingestion elapsed time in seconds.
  2. Price-Performance metric: $/kIoTps = 1000∗𝑃 / 𝐼𝑜𝑇𝑝𝑠. The Price-Performance metric represents the total cost of ownership of the system over 3 years, where P is the total cost of ownership of the SUT.
  3. System availability date: The Availability Date as defined in the TPC Pricing Specification.
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