TPCx-V is a Virtualization Benchmark for Database Workloads
The TPC Express Benchmark V (TPCx-V) benchmark measures the performance of a virtualized server platform under a demanding database workload. It stresses CPU and memory hardware, storage, networking, hypervisor, and the guest operating system. TPCx-V workload is database-centric and models many properties of cloud services, such as multiple VMs running at different load demand levels, and large fluctuations in the load level of each VM. Unlike previous TPC benchmarks, TPCx-V has a publicly-available, end-to-end benchmarking kit, which was developed specifically for this benchmark. It loads the databases, runs the benchmark, validates the results, and even performs many of the routine audit steps. Another unique characteristic of TPCx-V is an elastic workload that varies the load delivered to each of the VMs by as much as 16x, while maintaining a constant load at the host level.

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