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News Archive
Pricing Specification
March 2004
The new draft TPC pricing specification was updated to take into account the comments that were submitted during the public review.

Auditor Resumes Activities
December 2003
Tom Sawyer, one of th e co-founders of the TPC, announced he has resumed his activities as a TPC auditor.

Pricing Press Release
April 2, 2002
Audited Pricing and Performance Benchmarks From TPC Offer Users Free, Street-Smart Starting Point

OLTP Benchmark Proposal Development Guidelines
January 2002
The Proposal Development Guidelines document (PDF 83KB) addresses the requirements for an OLTP workload. The requirements cover all aspects of a proposed benchmark, including: benchmark overview and design goals, database design and population, transaction profiles, run-time and statistics reporting, configuration limits and reporting, auditing and full disclosure reports. The presentation of a response should be visual (presentation) along with a draft benchmark specification.

TPC Announces TPC-C Version 5.0
March 2001
The TPC announced the Version 5.0 release of the TPC-C benchmark. Changes to the specification from the Version 3.5 release involve pricing and runtime modifications to better reflect today's market requirements. The first TPC-C V5 results will become available in March 2001. For more information, see the Press Release or TPC-C page.

TPC Founder Omri Serlin Retires
March 2001
Mr. Omri Serlin founded the TPC in 1988. Mr. Serlin announced his retirement in December 2000. He concludes a career of distinguished service and accomplishment. The TPC honors him for his many contributions and wishes him all the best. Click Here for more.

Duplicate Results on TPC-C Top Ten Lists
March 2001
The TPC has changed the way that duplicate results are shown on the TPC-C Top Ten lists. Duplicate results continue to be shown on the lists, but do not occupy a numbered slot. Instead they are shown with an asterisk (*) in the Rank column. Click Here for more.

Web Site Redesign
February 2001
The TPC web site has a new look!  The TPC web site has been redesigned to provide better access to information and results. The new site was designed and developed by Varium Media. We want to hear how you like it. Please send your comments and suggestions to

New TPC Administrator
December 2000
In December, the TPC hired the firm of LoBue & Majdalany Management Group (L&M) as the TPC's management company. L&M provides a comprehensive portfolio of services ranging from formation to ongoing execution of an association's daily activities. The principals of the firm have more than 35 years professional experience in high technology. More details can be found at LoBue & Majdalany Management Group.

TPC-C Top Ten List Distinguishes Clustered and Non-clustered Results
November 2000
With increased interest in TPC-C clustered results in the last year, the TPC decided to formally define what constitutes a clustered system. A cluster is defined as a distributed environment where the database workload is executing on more than one node. A node consists of one or more processors executing a single instance of an OS and one or more instances of the DBMS.

In addition, the TPC-C Top Ten lists provide the option to see all results (the default), only clustered results, or only non-clustered results.  Although clustered and non-clustered results can be viewed separately, all TPC-C results may be freely compared. The additional selection options on the Top Ten lists are provided as a convenience for users.

TPC Announces TPC-W, an e-Commerce Benchmark
July 2000
The TPC has completed a new web e-Commerce benchmark. TPC-W is designed to represent any business (retail store, software distribution, airline reservation, electronic stock trades, etc.) that markets and sells over the Internet. It also represents Intranet environments which use Web based transactions for internal operations. The benchmark will measure the performance of systems supporting users browsing, ordering, and conducting transaction oriented business activities. For more information, see the Press Release or TPC-W page.

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