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TPC-App is an Application Server and web services benchmark. (Obsolete)

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TPC Benchmark™ App (TPC-App) is an application server and web services benchmark. The workload is performed in a managed environment that simulates the activities of a business-to-business transactional application server operating in a 24x7 environment. TPC-App showcases the performance capabilities of application server systems. The workload exercises commercially available application server products, messaging products, and databases associated with such environments, which are characterized by:
  • Multiple on-line business sessions
  • Commercially available application environment
  • Use of XML documents and SOAP for data exchange
  • Business to business application logic
  • Distributed transaction management
  • Reliable and durable messaging
  • Dynamic web service response generation with database access and update
  • Simultaneous execution of multiple transaction types that span a breadth of business functions.
  • Databases consisting of many tables with a wide variety of sizes, attributes, and relationships
  • Transaction integrity (ACID properties)
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TPC-App Image Generator: Command line application that takes 2 parameters to build the jpeg images for the ITEM table. The first parameter is the image size in kb and the second is the image name. *Note: This is the actual program so unzip it to a clean directory before you try to run it!

CDF Table: Cummulative Distribution Function table, as a tab delimited text file.  Also see Appendix D for both java and C# implementations of the CDF.

Shipping Label Image: The image required to be used by the Shipping Notification Emulator (SNE)

Shipping Cost Matrix (tab delimited text file): used to calculate the shipping costs based on the total volume of the shipment and the shipping zone.

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TPC-W Current Version
The current version of TPC-App is Version 1.3. Click on the preferred format below to download:
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This Benchmark refers to the pricing specification.


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