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TPC-C Result Highlights  (V2.0 - for Non-TPC Members)    As of 26-May-2016 at 4:41 AM  [GMT]

  HP                   HP ProLiant DL580-0200032P c/s

   Reference URL:

Benchmark Stats
Result ID: 102060501 
Status can be one of the following:

In Review: Result has been submitted to the TPC and is still in the review phase (60 days)

Accepted Result: Result has been accepted by the TPC

Withdrawn without prejudice: The result has been withdrawn by the Benchmark Sponsor without prejudice

Withdrawn after compliance was challenged: The benchmark sponsor withdrew the benchmark result after it has been challenged

Withdrawn due to non-compliance: The benchmark result was found to be non-compliant with the benchmark specification and had to be withdrawn

Withdrawn by TPC Admin: The TPC Administrator withdrew this result

Historical Result: Result may not be current with regards to pricing and/or HW or SW availability
Historical Result 
Report Date: 06/04/02 
TPC-C Rev: 5.0.0  
System Information
Total System Cost: 2,533,095 USD 
Performance: 137,260 tpmC 
Price/Performance: 18.46 USD per tpmC 
TPC-Energy Metric: Not reported 
Availability Date: 09/06/02 
Active Expiration Date: 04/27/13 
Database Manager: Oracle Database 9i R2 Enterprise Edition  
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server  
Transaction Monitor: BEA Tuxedo 6.5 CTS  
Server Specific Information
CPU Type: Intel Pentium III Xeon - 900 MHz  
Total # of Processors: 32 
Total # of Cores: 32 
Total # of Threads: 32 
Client Specific Information
# of Clients: 24 
CPU Type: Intel Pentium III - 1.00 GHz  
Total # of Processors: 1152 
Total # of Cores: 1152 
Total # of Threads: 1152 

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