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TPC-R is a business reporting, decision support benchmark. (Obsolete as of 1/1/2005)

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The TPC Benchmark™R (TPC-R) is a decision support benchmark similar to TPC-H, but which allows additional optimizations based on advance knowledge of the queries.  It consists of a suite of business oriented queries and concurrent data modifications. 

The performance metric reported by TPC-R is called the TPC-R Composite Query-per-Hour Performance Metric (QphR@Size), and reflects multiple aspects of the capability of the system to process queries. These aspects include the selected database size against which the queries are executed, the query processing power when queries are submitted by a single stream, and the query throughput when queries are submitted by multiple concurrent users. The TPC-R Price/Performance metric is expressed as $/QphR@Size.
TPC-R Last Version
The last version of TPC-R is Version 2.1.0. Click on the preferred format below to download:
TPC-R Tools
The TPC-R (Business Reporting, Decision Support) benchmark represents decision support environments where users run a standard set of queries against a database system. In this environment, pre-knowledge of the queries is assumed and may be used for optimization to run these standard queries very rapidly.



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