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TPC-W is a transactional web e-Commerce benchmark. (Obsolete as of 4/28/05)

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TPC Benchmark™ W (TPC-W) is a transactional web benchmark. The workload is performed in a controlled internet commerce environment that simulates the activities of a business oriented transactional web server. The workload exercises a breadth of system components associated with such environments, which are characterized by:
  • Multiple on-line browser sessions 
  • Dynamic page generation with database access and update
  • Consistent web objects
  • The simultaneous execution of multiple transaction types that span a breadth of complexity
  • On-line transaction execution modes
  • Databases consisting of many tables with a wide variety of sizes, attributes, and relationships
  • Transaction integrity (ACID properties)
  • Contention on data access and update
The performance metric reported by TPC-W is the number of web interactions processed per second. Multiple web interactions are used to simulate the activity of a retail store, and each interaction is subject to a response time constraint. 

TPC-W simulates three different profiles by varying the ratio of browse to buy: primarily shopping (WIPS), browsing (WIPSb) and web-based ordering (WIPSo). The primary metrics are the WIPS rate, the associated price per WIPS ($/WIPS), and the availability date of the priced configuration.
TPC-W Related Documents
TPC-W Questionnaire

The TPC-W Subcommittee is gathering feedback from the industry regarding current and emerging eBusiness technologies, features, and components, that are appropriate for inclusion in an industry standard eBusiness benchmark. By obtaining a common set of these vendor neutral features, the TPC-W Subcommittee intends to develop or enhance TPC eBusiness benchmarks. For those of you interested in future development of the TPC-W, please take the opportunity to give us your feedback by filling out the TPC-W questionnaire.
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TPC-W Last Version
The last version of TPC-W is Version 1.8. Click on the preferred format below to download:
The TPC-W Version 2 is now available for public review.
TPC-W Tools
WGEN (The TPC-W Data Generation Utility). Updated 2/1/2000.
This file contains the C source for WGEN, the TPC-W data generation utility. This utility must be used to generate the data used to populate the I_TITLE and A_LNAME fields in the database.
This file is a Win32 executable version of WGEN. This is the actual program so be sure to save it to a working directory before you unzip it.
TPC-W Image Generator
This is the actual program so unzip it to a clean directory before you try to run it!

This is a beta version of the TPC-W image generator. It is a Win32 command line application that takes 2 parameters. The first is the image size in kb and the second is the image name.
UNIX version:


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