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The TPCx-BigBench (TPCx-BB) is a TPC Express benchmark, which is designed to measure the performance of Big Data Analytics Systems.

The current TPCx-BB specification can be found on the TPC Documentation Webpage.

TPC Express Benchmark™ BB (TPCx-BB) Overview

TPCx-BB is an Express Benchmark to measure the performance of Hadoop based Big Data systems systems. It measures the performance of both hardware and software components by executing 30 frequently performed analytical queries in the context of retailers with physical and online store presence. The queries are expressed in SQL for structured data and in machine learning algorithms for semi-structured and unstructured data. The SQL queries can use Hive or Spark, while the machine learning algorithms use machine learning libraries, user defined functions, and procedural programs. The TPCx-BB specification can be downloaded using the link provided below.

Characteristics of TPCx-BB Workload

  • Represents Structured, Semi-Structured and Un-structured data types.
  • 30 use cases simulates, Big Data processing, Big Data Analytics, and reporting.
  • Coverage for short running and Long running Big Data tasks with runtimes ranging from seconds to hours.
  • Multiple Scale-Factors to choose from, addressing dataset size scaling.
  • Concurrent threads support multiple jobs with difference characteristics running on a single cluster and enables node scaling.
  • Performance and Price metrics to provide meaningful insight of performance vs cost tradeoff.
  • Supports Hive on Map Reduce, Hive on Spark and Hive on Tez with flexibility expand the coverage for any other upcoming frameworks.


  • Turnkey kit includes all benchmark logic, just supply your own Hardware and Framework.
  • Parallelized Data generator to generate test dataset on scale.
  • Readily executable Benchmark code, scripts.
  • Configurable tuning parameters to ensure the systems are optimized for best performance.
  • Fully Automated Benchmark driver for efficient use of time.
  • Detailed reporting and log files for Benchmark execution analysis.
  • Quick start and detailed user guide included in the kit.

To download the latest TPCx-BB Spec - click here
To download the benchmark kit - click here

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