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TPCx-BB Result Highlights     As of 5-Jul-2020 at 2:06 PM  [GMT]

  Sugon                Sugon Cluster

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Benchmark Stats
Result ID: 118030701 
Status can be one of the following:

In Review: Result has been submitted to the TPC and is still in the review phase (60 days)

Accepted Result: Result has been accepted by the TPC

Withdrawn without prejudice: The result has been withdrawn by the Benchmark Sponsor without prejudice

Withdrawn after compliance was challenged: The benchmark sponsor withdrew the benchmark result after it has been challenged

Withdrawn due to non-compliance: The benchmark result was found to be non-compliant with the benchmark specification and had to be withdrawn

Withdrawn by TPC Admin: The TPC Administrator withdrew this result

Historical Result: Result may not be current with regards to pricing and/or HW or SW availability
Accepted Result 
Report Date: 01/21/18 
TPCx-BB Spec. Rev: 1.2.0  
TPCx-BB Pricing Spec. Rev: 2.2.0  
TPCx-BB Energy Spec. Rev: 1.5.0  
Auditor: Doug Johnson 
System Information
Total System Cost: 1,041,770 USD
Performance 3,383.95 BBQpm@SF30000
Price/Performance 307.86 USD per BBQpm@SF30000
TPC-Energy Metric Not reported
Availability Date 01/22/18 
DBMS Software (Big Data Software Framework) Cloudera for Apache Hadoop (CDH) 5.11.1  
Operating System Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.3  
Server Specific Information
CPU Type: Intel Xeon Gold 6140 2.30 GHz  
Node Count: 33 
Total # of Processors: 66 
Total # of Cores: 1188 
Total # of Threads: 2376 
Cluster: Yes
Concurrent Streams: 4
Storage Ratio: 12.73
Memory Ratio: 2.37
Load Test Time: 1.75 Hours
Power Test Time: 6.77 Hours
Throughput Test Time: 19.20 Hours

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