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TPCx-IoT is a Benchmark for IoT Gateway Systems
TPCx-IoT, the industry’s first benchmark which enables direct comparison of different software and hardware solutions for IoT gateways. Positioned between edge architecture and the back-end data center, gateway systems perform functions such as data aggregation, real-time analytics and persistent storage. TPCx-IoT was specifically designed to provide verifiable performance, price-performance and availability metrics for commercially available systems that typically ingest massive amounts of data from large numbers of devices, while running real-time analytic queries. The workload is representative of activities typical in IoT gateway systems, running on commercially available hardware and software platforms. The TPCx-IoT can be used to assess a broad range of system topologies and implementation methodologies in a technically rigorous and directly comparable, in a vendor-neutral manner.

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TPCx-IoT - Top Performance Results
Version 1.0.x Results  

Rank Company System Performance
Price/IoTps Watts/IoTps System Availability DBMS Software OS Processors / Cores /
Date Submitted
     Dell PowerEdge R7415  354,811.45  0.75 USD   NR  05/24/2019  Hbase 2.0.0 on CDH 6.0  Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Release 7.5  8/192/284  05/24/2019 
     Dell PowerEdge R6415  165,054.00  0.79 USD   NR  11/30/2018  Hbase 2.0.0 on CDH 6.0  Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Release 7.5  4/96/192  11/30/2018 
     Cisco UCS Mini  142,493.85  0.94 USD   NR  11/20/2017  Hbase 1.2.1 on CDH 5.10.0  Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Release 7.2  8/112/224  11/20/2017 

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