What's New

August 18, 2014
TPC announces TPCx-HS Benchmark

October 28, 2013
TPC announces first TPC-VMS Benchmark result

May 06, 2013
TPC announces TPC-VMS Benchmark

March 18, 2013
TPC announces Fifth TPCTC 2013 in Trento, Italy

February 08, 2013
TPC General Council Welcomes Huawei, The Newest Member of the TPC

February 01, 2013
TPCTC 2012 Proceedings Are Online

December 12, 2012
TPC Launches TPC-VMS: A Virtual Measurement Single System Specification

September 29, 2009
Transaction Processing Performance Council Reprimands Oracle Corporation for Violations of the TPC's Fair Use Policies

May 5, 2009
Springer to publish proceedings of Technical Conference in LNCS series.

April 20, 2009
Jim Gray Inducted to the TPC Honor Roll.

March 16, 2009
TPC Launches Technical Conference at VLDB 2009.

March 1, 2009
TPC Releases Energy Video (23MB).

October 14, 2008
Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) Announces 20th Anniversary Workshop Series.

July 24, 2007
Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) Announces First Result for TPC-E Benchmark .

March 19, 2007
TPC Launches New Benchmark for Measuring On-Line Transaction Processing System Performance.

January 9, 2006
TPC-DS. The TPC approved the public release of a preliminay draft (v0.32).