TPC-Pricing is an add-on to other TPC benchmarks

Approved in February of 2005, TPC-Pricing is a consistent set of pricing procedures and methodologies for all TPC benchmarks. TPC Pricing includes varieous pricing methodologies and models to allow benchmark sponsors to produce verifiable prices for benchmarks executed on both physiclly acquired hardware and licensed compute services (Cloud).

More Information
Hardware, Software and Maintenance Pricing
  • Did you know that there are computer hardware, software and maintenance prices on the TPC web site? These pricing figures appear both in the Executive Summary and in the Full Disclosure Report of each individual result (1).These reports list vendor part numbers, prices, and discounts available to the general public. These prices may be used as the basis of your negotiations for similar configurations with the hardware or software supplier during the purchasing process.

    If you find that the prices shown in the reports are not available for similar configurations from the named supplier, please contact the TPC at

    (1) To find an Executive Summary or a Full Disclosure Report, click inside the System column of the desired result in the summary table. This will lead you to a Result Highlight page where you will find links to the Executive Summary and Full Disclosure Report at the bottom.

  • Pricing data can be seen with the respective TPC benchmark data