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Bull                 Bull Escala PL600R C/S

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Benchmark Stats
Result ID: 101070301 
Status: Historical Result 
Report Date: 07/03/01 
TPC-C Rev: 5.0.0  
System Information
Total System Cost: 1,638,835 USD 
Performance: 57,346 tpmC 
Price/Performance: 28.57 USD per tpmC 
TPC-Energy Metric: Not reported 
Availability Date: 07/03/01 
Active Expiration Date: 10/27/13 
Operating System: IBM AIX 4.3.3 
Database Manager: Oracle Database 9i Enterprise Edition v.9i.0.1 
Transaction Monitor: Webshpere App. Server Ent. Edition V3.0 
Server Specific Information
CPU Type: IBM RS64-IV - 668 MHz 
Total # of Processors:
Total # of Cores:
Total # of Threads:
Client Specific Information>
# of Clients:
CPU Type: IBM POWER3 - 375 MHz 
Total # of Processors: 12 
Total # of Cores: 12 
Total # of Threads: 12 

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