TPCx-AI Ten Most Recently Published Results
Version Results   As of 25-Sept-2022 at 11:02 AM  [GMT] Print This Page
Note 1: The TPC believes that comparisons of TPCx-AI results measured against different database sizes are misleading and discourages such comparisons.
Note 2: The TPC believes it is not valid to compare prices or price/performance of results in different currencies.

Date Submitted Scale Factor Company System AIUCpm Price/AIUCpm Watts/AIUCpm System Availability Framework Operating System Nodes
08/08/22 1,000 Dell Dell PowerEdge R640/R740xd 1,478.37 374.60 USD NR 08/08/22 CDP Private Cloud Base Edition Vesion 7.1.7 Various 11
08/02/22 3,000 Transwarp Transwarp Big Data Appliance (AI Edition) PRO-993 2,740.05 774.69 CNY NR 08/02/22 Transwarp Sophon Discover 3.0.0 CentOS Linux 8 6
05/31/22 10 Nettrix R620 G40 291.35 84.26 USD NR 05/31/22 Anaconda Pro Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 1
04/18/22 1,000 TTA KR580S2 1,205.43 378,912.09 KRW NR 04/18/22 CDP Private Cloud Base Edition Business Version 7.1 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.8 3

'NR' in the Watts/AIUCpm column indicates that no energy data was reported for that benchmark.