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TTA                    KR580S2

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Benchmark Stats
Result ID: 122042101 
Status: Accepted Result 
Report Date: 04/18/22 
TPCx-AI Spec. Rev: 1.0.2  
TPC-Pricing Spec. Rev: 2.8.0  
Auditor: Doug Johnson 
System Information
Total System Cost: 456,752,000 KRW
Performance 1,205.43 AIUCpm@SF1000
Price/Performance 378,912.09 KRW per AIUCpm@SF1000
TPC-Energy Metric Not reported
Availability Date 04/18/22 
Server Specific Information
Operating System Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.8  
Framework CDP Private Cloud Base Edition Business Version 7.1  
CPU Type: Intel Xeon Platinum 8380 2.30GHz  
Cluster: Yes
Node Count:
Total # of Processors:
Total # of Cores: 240 
Total # of Threads: 480 
Concurrent Streams: 10
Memory (in GB): 2,048.00
Memory Ratio: .16
Storage Ratio: 135.68
Main Data Redundancy Model: HDFSReplicationFactor3
Overall Run Time: 57,372.169 Seconds
Load Test Time: 4,408.817 Seconds
Power Training Time: 23,100.559 Seconds
Power Serving1 Time: 1,957.304 Seconds
Power Serving2 Time: 1,944.917 Seconds
Scoring Time: 919.002 Seconds
Throughput Test Time: 11,084.093 Seconds

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