TPC Technology Conference Papers


·          Raghunath Othayoth Nambiar, Meikel Poess, Akon Dey, Paul Cao, Tariq Magdon-Ismail, Da Qi Ren, Andrew Bond: Introducing TPCx-HS: The First Industry Standard for Benchmarking Big Data Systems   

·          Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Reihane Boghrati, Sumita Barahmand: An Evaluation of Alternative Physical Graph Data Designs for Processing Interactive Social Networking Actions   

·          Ahmed Barnawi, Omar Batarfi, Seyed-Mehdi-Reza Beheshti, Radwa El Shawi, Ayman G. Fayoumi, Reza Nouri, Sherif Sakr: On Characterizing the Performance of Distributed Graph Computation Platforms   

·          Chaitanya K. Baru, Milind A. Bhandarkar, Carlo Curino, Manuel Danisch, Michael Frank, Bhaskar Gowda, Hans-Arno Jacobsen, Huang Jie, Dileep Kumar, Raghunath Othayoth Nambiar, Meikel Poess, Francois Raab, Tilmann Rabl, Nishkam Ravi, Kai Sachs, Saptak Sen, Lan Yi, Choonhan Youn: Discussion of BigBench: A Proposed Industry Standard Performance Benchmark for Big Data   

·          Ling Gu, Minqi Zhou, Qiangqiang Kang, Aoying Zhou: A Scalable Framework for Universal Data Generation in Parallel   

·          David Bermbach, Jörn Kuhlenkamp, Akon Dey, Sherif Sakr, Raghunath Nambiar: Towards an Extensible Middleware for Database Benchmarking   

·          Iraklis Psaroudakis, Florian Wolf, Norman May, Thomas Neumann, Alexander Böhm, Anastasia Ailamaki, Kai-Uwe Sattler: Scaling Up Mixed Workloads: A Battle of Data Freshness, Flexibility, and Scheduling   

·          Andrey Gubichev, Peter A. Boncz: Parameter Curation for Benchmark Queries   

·          Nicolas Michael, Yixiao Shen: Downtime-Free Live Migration in a Multitenant Database   

·          Eric Deehr, Wen-Qi Fang, H. Reza Taheri, Hai-Fang Yun: Performance Analysis of Database Virtualization with the TPC-VMS Benchmark   

·          Tim Kiefer, Hendrik Schön, Dirk Habich, Wolfgang Lehner: A Query, a Minute: Evaluating Performance Isolation in Cloud Databases   

·          Marie Hoffmann, Alexander Alexandrov, Periklis Andritsos, Juan Soto, Volker Markl: Composite Key Generation on a Shared-Nothing Architecture   


·          Raghunath Nambiar, Meikel Poess: Performance Characterization and Benchmarking   

·          Raghunath Nambiar, Meikel Poess, Andrew Masland, H. Reza Taheri, Andrew Bond, Forrest Carman, Michael Majdalany: TPC State of the Council 2013.   

·          Martin Kaufmann, Peter M. Fischer, Norman May, Andreas Tonder, Donald Kossmann: TPC-BiH: A Benchmark for Bitemporal Databases   

·          David Bermbach, Liang Zhao, Sherif Sakr: Towards Comprehensive Measurement of Consistency Guarantees for Cloud-Hosted Data Storage Services.   

·          Karl Huppler, Douglas Johnson: TPC Express - A New Path for TPC Benchmarks.   

·          Peter A. Boncz, Thomas Neumann, Orri Erling: TPC-H Analyzed: Hidden Messages and Lessons Learned from an Influential Benchmark.   

·          Andrew Bond, Douglas Johnson, Greg Kopczynski, H. Reza Taheri: Architecture and Performance Characteristics of a PostgreSQL Implementation of the TPC-E and TPC-V Workloads.   

·          Hongwei Zhao, Xiaojun Ye: A Practice of TPC-DS Multidimensional Implementation on NoSQL Database Systems.   

·          Jaume Ferrarons, Mulu Adhana, Carlos Colmenares, Sandra Pietrowska, Fadila Bentayeb, Jérôme Darmont: PRIMEBALL: A Parallel Processing Framework Benchmark for Big Data Applications in the Cloud.   

·          Chunhui Li, Robert Berry: CEPBen: A Benchmark for Complex Event Processing Systems.    


·          Raghunath Othayoth Nambiar, Meikel Poess, Andrew Masland, H. Reza Taheri, Matthew Emmerton, Forrest Carman, Michael Majdalany: TPC Benchmark Roadmap 2012    

·          Len Wyatt, Brian Caufield, Marco Vieira, Meikel Poess: Incorporating Recovery from Failures into a Data Integration Benchmark.    

·          Andrew Bond, Greg Kopczynski, H. Reza Taheri: Two Firsts for the TPC: A Benchmark to Characterize Databases Virtualized in the Cloud, and a Publicly-Available, Complete End-to-End Reference Kit.   

·          Mohammed Al-Kateb, Alain Crolotte, Ahmad Ghazal, Linda Rose: Adding a Temporal Dimension to the TPC-H Benchmark.   

·          Karl Huppler: Performance per Watt - Benchmarking Ways to Get More for Less.   

·          Alkis Simitsis, Kevin Wilkinson: Revisiting ETL Benchmarking: The Case for Hybrid Flows.   

·          Tim Kiefer, Benjamin Schlegel, Wolfgang Lehner: MulTe: A Multi-Tenancy Database Benchmark Framework.   

·          Michael J. Carey: BDMS Performance Evaluation: Practices, Pitfalls, and Possibilities.   

·          Brice Chardin, Jean-Marc Lacombe, Jean-Marc Petit: Data Historians in the Data Management Landscape.   

·          Konrad Bösche, Thibault Sellam, Holger Pirk, René Beier, Peter Mieth, Stefan Manegold: Scalable Generation of Synthetic GPS Traces with Real-Life Data Characteristics.    

·          Minh-Duc Pham, Peter A. Boncz, Orri Erling: S3G2: S3G2: A Scalable Structure-Correlated Social Graph Generator.    

·          Enno Folkerts, Alexander Alexandrov, Kai Sachs, Alexandru Iosup, Volker Markl, Cafer Tosun: Benchmarking in the Cloud: What It Should, Can, and Cannot Be.    

·          Wayne D. Smith: Characterizing Cloud Performance with TPC Benchmarks.   

·          Chaitanya K. Baru, Milind A. Bhandarkar, Raghunath Othayoth Nambiar, Meikel Poess, Tilmann Rabl: Setting the Direction for Big Data Benchmark Standards.   


·          Raghunath Nambiar, Nicholas Wakou, Peter Thawley, Andrew Masland, Matthew Lanken, Michael Majdalany, Forrest Carman: Shaping the Landscape of Industry Standard Benchmarks: Contributions of the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC)   

·          Florian Funke, Alfons Kemper , Stefan Krompass, Thomas Neumann, Michael Seibold, Raghunath Nambiar, Harumi Kuno, Anisoara Nica, Meikel Poess: Metrics for Measuring the Performance of the Mixed Workload CH-benCHmark

·          Daniel Schall, Volker Hoefner, Manuel Kern: Towards an Enhanced Benchmark Advocating Energy-Effcient Systems

·          Umeshwar Dayal, Kevin Wilkinson, Alkis Simitsis, Malu Castellanos, Lupita Paz: Optimization of Analytic Data Flows for Next Generation Business Intelligence Applications

·          Anja Bog, Kai Sachs, Alexander Zeier, Hasso Plattner: Normalization in a Mixed OLTP and OLAP Workload Scenario

·          Torsten Grabs, Ming Lu: Measuring Performance of Complex Event Processing Systems

·          Karl Huppler: Benchmarking With Your Head in the Cloud

·          Yantao Li, Charles Levine: Extending TPC-E to Measure Availability in Database Systems

·          Robert Gottstein, Ilia Petrov, Alejandro Buchmann: SI-CV: Snapshot Isolation With Co-Located Versions

·          Alain Crolotte, Ahmad Ghazal: Introducing Skew into the TPC-H Benchmark

·          Christina Delimitrou, Sriram Sankar, Badriddine Khessib, Kushagra Vaid, Christos Kozyrakis: Time and Cost-Efficient Modeling and Generation of Large-Scale TPC Workloads

·          Avrilia Floratou, Jignesh Patel, Willis Lang, Alan Halverson: When free is not really free: What does it cost to run a database workload in the cloud?

·          Jianhai Chen, Dawei Huang, Bei Wang, Deshi Ye, Qinming He, Wenzhi Chen: A Fine-grained Performance-based Decision Model for Virtualization Application Solution

·          Meikel Poess, Tilmann Rabl, Manuel Danisch, Michael Frank: A PDGF Implementation for TPC-H


·          Raghunath Nambiar, Nicholas Wakou, Forrest Carman, Michael Majdalany: Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC): State of the Council 2010

·          Sherif Sakr, Fabio Casati: Liquid Benchmarks: Towards an Online Platform for Collaborative Assessment of Computer Science Research Results

·          David Dominguez-Sal, Norbert Martínez-Bazan, Victor Muntés-Mulero, Pere Baleta, Josep-Lluis Larriba-Pey: A Discussion on the Design of Graph Database Benchmarks

·         Tilmann Rabl, Michael Frank, Hatem Mousselly Sergieh, Harald Kosch: A Data Generator for Cloud-Scale Benchmarking

·         Raquel Almeida, Meikel Poess, Raghunath Nambiar, Indira Patil, Marco Vieira: How to Advance TPC Benchmarks with Dependability Aspects

·         Karl Huppler: Price and the TPC

·         C. Mohan: Impact of Recent Hardware and Software Trends on High Performance Transaction Processing and Analytics

·          Michael J. Carey, Ling Ling, Matthias Nicola, Lin Shao: Towards a Simple Benchmark for XML Readiness Testing

·         Raghunath Nambiar, Meikel Poess: Transaction Performance vs. Moore's Law: A Trend Analysis

·         Priya Sethuraman, H. Reza Taheri: TPC-V: A Benchmark for Evaluating the Performance of Database Applications in Virtual Environments

·         Erik Young, Paul Cao, Mike Nikolaiev: First TPC-Energy Benchmark: Lessons Learned in Practice

·         Badriddine M. Khessib, Kushagra Vaid, Sriram Sankar, Chengliang Zhang: Using Solid State Drives as a Mid-Tier Cache in Enterprise Database OLTP Applications

·         Goetz Graefe, Stratos Idreos, Harumi A. Kuno, Stefan Manegold: Benchmarking Adaptive Indexing

·         Hadj Mahboubi, Jérôme Darmont: XWeB: The XML Warehouse Benchmark

·         Alain Crolotte, Ahmad Ghazal: Benchmarking Using Basic DBMS Operations

·         Marcelo R. N. Mendes, Pedro Bizarro, Paulo Marques: Assessing and Optimizing Microarchitectural Performance of Event Processing Systems


·         Raghunath Nambiar, Matthew Lanken, Nicholas Wakou, Forrest Carman, Michael Majdalany: Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC): Twenty Years Later - A Look Back, a Look Ahead

·         Michael Stonebraker: A New Direction for TPC

·         Karl Huppler: The Art of Building a Good Benchmark

·         Omer Trajman, Alain Crolotte, David Steinhoff, Raghunath Nambiar, Meikel Poess: Database Are Not Toasters: A Framework for Comparing Data Warehouse Appliances

·         Andrew Fanara, Evan Haines, Arthur Howard: The State of Energy and Performance Benchmarking for Enterprise Servers

·         Marco Vieira, Henrique Madeira: From Performance to Dependability Benchmarking: A Mandatory Path 

·         Trish Hogan: Overview of TPC Benchmark E: The Next Generation of OLTP Benchmarks

·         John M. Stephens, Meikel Poess: Converting TPC-H Query Templates to Use DSQGEN for Easy Extensibility

·         Tilmann Rabl, Andreas Lang, Thomas Hackl, Bernhard Sick, Harald Kosch: Generating Shifting Workloads to Benchmark Adaptability in Relational Database Systems

·         Swaroop Kavalanekar, Dushyanth Narayanan, Sriram Sankar, Eno Thereska, Kushagra Vaid, Bruce L. Worthington: Measuring Database Performance in Online Services: A Trace-Based Approach

·         Alain Crolotte: Issues in Benchmark Metric Selection     

·         Janet L. Wiener, Harumi A. Kuno, Goetz Graefe: Benchmarking Query Execution Robustness

·         Sharada Bose, Priti Mishra, Priya Sethuraman, H. Reza Taheri: Benchmarking Database Performance in a Virtual Environment     

·         Len Wyatt, Brian Caufield, Daniel Pol: Principles for an ETL Benchmark

·         Alkis Simitsis, Panos Vassiliadis, Umeshwar Dayal, Anastasios Karagiannis, Vasiliki Tziovara: Benchmarking ETL Workflows

·         Marcelo R. N. Mendes, Pedro Bizarro, Paulo Marques: A Performance Study of Event Processing Systems

·         Patrick E. O'Neil, Elizabeth J. O'Neil, Xuedong Chen, Stephen Revilak: The Star Schema Benchmark and Augmented Fact Table Indexing    

·         Xiaojun Ye, Jingmin Xie, Jianmin Wang, Hao Tang, Naiqiao Du: An Approach of Performance Evaluation in Authentic Database Applications


TPC Technical Report Articles

  Meikel Poess, Raghunath Nambiar, Kushgra Vaid, John Stephens, Karl Huppler, Evan Haines: Energy Benchmarks: A Detailed Analysis

  Meikel Poess, Raghunath Nambiar: Energy Cost, The Key Challenge of Today's Data Centers: A Power Consumption Analysis of TPC-C results

  Meikel Poess, Raghunath Nambiar, David Walrath: Why You Should Run TPC-DS: A Workload Analysis

  Jim Gray, Charles Levine: Thousands of DebitCredit Transactions-Per-Second: Easy and Inexpensive

  Raghunath Nambiar, Meikel Poess: The Making of TPC-DS

  Wayne D. Smith: TPC-W: Benchmarking An Ecommerce Solution.

  Meikel Poess, Chris Floyd: TPC Benchmarks for Decision Support and Web Commerce

  Alain Crolotte: Issues in Metric Selection and the TPC-D Single Stream Power

  Charles Levine: Order-of-Magnitude Advantage of TPC-C Though Massive Parallelism

  Charles Levine: TPC-C and TPC-D V.1.X Overview Presentations

  Dean Brock: A Recommendation for High-Availability Options in TPC Benchmarks

  Gary Burgess: What is the TPC Good For? or, the Top Ten Reasons in Favor of TPC Benchmarks

  Kim Shanley: Why You Should Look at TPC-C First: An Interview between TPC-C Subcommittee members

  Kim Shanley, Berni Schiefer: TPC-D, Past, Present and Future

  Neil J. Gunther: No Analysis Required! The Performance Analyst's Paradox

Jack Stephens, Francois Raab, Kim Shanley: TPC-D Interview

Jim Gray, Andreas Reuter: Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques